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Messages from Current Employees


Sales Department, Sales Division

Mr. Daiki Wakiyama Joined in January 2019

〇 Motivation to Join
I was motivated to join because my initial impression of them was that they’re a reliable company with a long history and a solid record of performance. It was also appealing that employees assumed central roles on-site, mainly in business related to port and harbor transportation and other associated operations. I could imagine doing large-scale jobs at this job, and the fact that I was told about the difficult parts of the job during my entrance interview gave me an extra boost when deciding to join the company.

〇 Current Job Details
Currently, I’m based in Sasebo Port, and my focus is on vessel unloading and loading, but I also cover the entire distribution process, including storage, cargo handling, and shipment (marine and land transportation). For sales, I am responsible for proposing and realizing optimal strategies in response to customer needs. There are also things that don’t go as imagined due to decisions and sudden changes based on the daily weather, but I think that’s also one of the thrills of this job.

〇 Favorite Things and the Appeal of the Company
While they value the knowhow that they’ve cultivated throughout their history, the company also understands the needs of changing times and customers, and it’s a workplace that’s brimming with energy to take on new challenges. Also, the hierarchical relationships between employees is clear. Sometimes it can be strict, and sometimes it’s easy, but their carrot-and-stick policy is used well. Even with that, a lot of my senior coworkers are friendly, which has allowed me to quickly blend into the company.

〇 Struggles, Fun, and What Makes It All Worthwhile
Cooperation with many people is indispensable in our operations. In addition to the cooperation of the on-site general team leader at the center as well as supervisors and senior employees, we also value relationships with other companies in the same business. When those connections come together to safely complete a job, you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Also, despite it being my first year on the job, I’ve been given jobs with responsibility, and that makes me feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile.

〇 Message
I think that there are many students who feel overwhelmed with all the choices available to them shortly after they begin job hunting. What you should be focusing on during this time is thinking about things in the long run. Really think about yourself 10 or 20 years from now. It’s important to figure out whether the company your aiming for is the best for you to become that future version of yourself. It would make me happy if it just so happens that out of the many choices available, you come to have an interest in Sasebo Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.


Sales Department, Sasebo Sales Office

Mr. Tsubasa Nakamura Joined in April 2019

〇 Motivation to Join
I commuted to school by boat for all three years of high school. Everyday from my boat, I would see this company performing operations where they used cranes to efficiently carry heavy objects. Seeing machines being operated to move heavy objects in a way that’s impossible with human strength was powerful, and it made me want to try it myself-I wanted know about cranes in detail. I was also raised near the sea and had always played in the sea since I was small. I’m glad that I was able to get hired for a job at my local port that relates to things like ships.

〇 Current Job Details
I unload things like metal sheets and pipes from steel material ships, temporarily load them in a cargo depot, and then load them onto trucks and trailers. I use a crane to lift the metal sheets and pipes, so I calculate the position where the cargo will be balanced and get that part on the hook. Other than that, I also do vehicle maintenance and jobs where I handle coal and rice.

〇 Favorite Things About the Company
In the beginning, there was a lot that I didn’t know, but my seniors showed me the ropes and it’s great that it’s easy for me to my job now. There are so many nice seniors, so there’s a good workplace atmosphere and the fact that there’s a clear line between work and break time is also really great.

〇 Struggles, Fun, and What Makes It All Worthwhile
It’s been difficult at times when I have to remember the names of different things and I’m unsure of how to move something, but you feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re done.


Shipping Department

Mr. Hironobu Tanaka Joined in April 2013

I belong to the Shipping Department and do “shipping agent” work and “customs business.”
It’s a type of business that you probably haven’t heard much about, but it’s a job where you “support the facilitation of marine transportation and trade.”

My main job as a shipping agent is to take care of port entry and exit procedures for ships coming into and leaving the port, mostly Sasebo Port. I also support the safe operation of ships that handle marine transportation with onboard goods such as steel products, grains, and petroleum products.
Currently, I’m mostly responsible for tankers, small cargo ships, and live fish carriers, but I also handle colliers from Indonesia and other newly built ships from the Oshima Shipbuilding yard. The appeal of my job is that I’m able to have exchanges with different cultures while doing my job. I can learn a variety of things not just from Japanese people, but also from people from the Philippines, China, South Korea, Poland and other nations, so I’m always excited as I make my way towards the ships.
Another appealing thing is that I can broadly expand my knowledge since the procedures I do for my job are related to various government agencies, such as customs, the Immigration Bureau, and the Maritime Safety Agency.

My main job in customs business is to carry out customs procedures for goods being exported overseas and goods that will be imported from overseas. Export and import require permission from customs. A “registered customs specialists” carries out customs procedures for customs on behalf of the client and supports the facilitation of trade.

No matter which department you’re in you’ll be connected to many types of people, so it’s necessary to have a broad perspective. I think this company is for people like that.


Matsuura Office

Mr. Shoki Yamazoe Joined April 2018

I encountered this company due to my interest in work that would support my life. When I looked at the job posting, I saw they had good benefits and they had a five-day workweek. They also have a good amount of vacation days, and you can take maternity leave, family-care leave, and nursing care leave. When I did my workplace experience there as a student, I was nervous, but they treated me warmly, and seeing their passionate and spirited work convinced me to join the company.

For my job at the Matsuura Office, I work as an operator for heavy machinery that aid in unloading cargo from ships, such as coal that is used as fuel in coal-fired power plants. In the beginning, there were times where I had trouble controlling the power shovel. But I had one-to-one guidance while working as well as advice and work support from a number of my seniors, which has created a workplace environment where it is very easy to work.

Unloading operations are performed jointly between three companies, and are not single-person operations, so I exchange opinions and conversation with people from other companies to communicate, and since there can be so many different types of situations, it’s important to respond according to the circumstances at hand.

You might feel unsure at first, but focus on what you want to do or what you want to try, and give it your all in the hunt for a job.